Track when your staff are at work for attendence, payroll, project

Precise clock-ins are assured by Timilo timestamps, facial recognition and geolocation features. No friend punching anymore! Now access any of your office location globally with just a smile. Say hello to Timilo! Time & Attendance Simplified!

Features & Overviews

Verify the biometric attendance of the employees with Facial Recognition

Selfie clock-ins

Staff members take a selfie that can be matched with all possible selfies to ensure that the right person is clocking in.

GPS atteendence

You can quickly see where they operate and how long they have spent in each field as the workers Timilo comes in/out of geolocation. Good for announcements of sales!

Online mode

The Timilo is in Online Mode is for staff at every time.

Timesheets for payroll

For a more effective payroll process, accept timesheet submissions. Get a comprehensive insight at the working hours of each team member.

Vehicle Tracking

Our maps, traffic and algorithms power robust asset tracking applications to manage vehicles

Automatic overtime

To keep you updated, delegate multiple schedules to different participants, including fixed/flexible work days, various overtime regulations and smart alerts.


Track Time Automatically

Say goodbye to the manual timesheets! Timilo produces time sheets and files automatically, including overtime estimates. With Geolocation, your staff can Tmilio in/out with their phone location (iOS and Android).

  • Timestamps, geolocation, authentication of biometrics.
  • Clock in via smartphone, web for your squad, whichever is simpler.
  • Activate the Geolocation feature
  • Install the iOS or Android app on your phone
  • Clock in/out with your location

Track Time Effortlessly

Make clocking fast and easy! Clock in, via tablet, online, Slack, MS Teams or Desktop, from any laptop. Something that fits the squad

  • Using detailed, automated timesheets to save time and trouble.
  • Stop scratching your head.
  • To make payroll fast and painless, automate overtime estimates.
  • Manage your workers remotely.
  • All ensure accurate attendance data.
  • Timilo automatically generates accurate timesheets and reports.
  • REST Api's to integrate with your current HR Applications*


Made For All Industries

Setup the baseline photo for your staff members. You can upload a new one, or use an existing one.


Best AI attendance solution for your Construction business


Best AI attendance solution for your Retail business

F & B

Best AI attendance solution for your F and B business


Best AI attendance solution for your manufacturing business


Best AI attendance solution for your Hospitality business


Best AI attendance solution for your Educational Organisation

Field Service

AI attendance solution for your Field Staff's

Health Care

Best AI attendance solution for your Health Care Organisation

More Awesome Features

Upgrade the Mobile+ feature to get the best out of your attendance system. Using Timilo to improve security levels and .

Passcodes for added security

With Mobile+, every team member
can have their own unique PIN number
with which they can Timilo in and
out of the device.

Online Mode

The Timilo is in Online Mode
for staff at every time everyone can use them in online mode


You might want this to be only accessible
to your staff, especially if you have an
attendance management in a
public space.

Why use Timilo?

Upgrade in order to prepare to have more features. Understand how many hours on tasks and events are spent.


With automated timesheets and files, make the payroll a breeze. To save time, monitoring overtime and setup approvals.

General Attendence

Keep track of the attendance of your team, whether they are working at the office, from home or outside.

Leave Management

Can apply leaves is the process of managing employee time-off requests in a fair, accurate, and efficient way.